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Tragedy hits Koh Tao yet again as Belgium man drowns en-route to the island from Koh Phangan

Tragedy hits Koh Tao yet again as Belgium man drowns en-route to the island from Koh Phangan


Today(Sunday) yet more tragedy beset Koh Tao when a Belgium tourist plunged to his death from a vessel carrying around thirty passengers to the island from neighboring Koh Phangan, it is unclear if the man, who was not wearing a life jacket jumped, fell or was pushed.

Police from Koh Phangan are investigating the circumstances of the manner in which the crew managed the incident, when the boat was turned around to pull the man from the sea, questions are also being asked as to why the man was not wearing a life jacket something that should be compulsory on the Seatran Discovery boat.

A report from Colonel Prachoom Rungton, the Superintendent of the Phangan police station suggest that the man had been seen leaning over the side of the vessel taking photographs prior to his death, he also said that it was unclear as to what kind of mental state the mind was in at the time of the incident and he pledged to find out why a life jacket was not worn and why the man was not pulled alive from the sea.

Growing concern about the safety of tourists visiting the islands in the gulf has been growing since the murders of two British backpackers last month on Koh Tao’s Siree Beach.

In a separate incident, two Indian tourists, a man and a woman died on the same afternoon after a longtail boat capsized in a storm of the mainland province of Krabi. The couple were returning from Railey, a popular costal spot that is only accessible by sea, they were also not wearing life jackets. Officials from Chao Fa Krabi Rescue Center were alerted to this incident, it took forty minute for them to reach the scene.

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