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Top Thai astrologer predicts fatalities for New Year!!

Top Thai astrologer warns - be careful of road accidents at New Year



Source: Daily News


A famous Thai astrologer has pinpointed danger on the roads at New Year - though the good news is there wont be a tsunami.


However, be careful of building collapse in 2018 - Saturn is responsible for some bad vibes.


Former Royal Astrologer Suthin Hatthasat painted a varied picture for the fortunes of the country in observations given to Daily News Online.


But top of the list were his revelations about the dangers on Thai roads - Rahu is having a battle with enemy planets so expect some carnage on the roads.


"There will be just as many accidents as before," he advised in all seriousness,"it won't change".


Rahu is the severed head of Svarbhanu who likes to swallow the sun. The asura, a power seeking deity, is known to cause a lot of mischief but Suthin said that this was quite normal.


So take care on the roads from 28th December to 15th January in particular, he said warning: "Don't be negligent".


Other problems to watch out for are those concerning builders and construction. Saturn is causing a fair bit of grief in this capacity so look out for a collapse or two in 2018.


However, there won't be a tsunami, he said, though Saturn's influence could lead to another problem - drought.


Source: Daily News

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