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Police Stop & Search: What You Need To Know

Police Stop & Search: What You Need To Know

Credit to Stickboy BKK

Published by Stickboy BKK on December 18th, 2014

In light of the recent publicity Pol. Col. Chutrakul Yodmadee of Thonglor Police District has answered a few common questions being asked on social media by concerned expats and tourists regarding police stop & search procedures and what rights you have if stopped.

Reasons For Search – Looking high or acting in a manner that suggests drug consumption – in plain English, generally looking fucked up and off your tits. Looking scared or suspicious of the police. However, sitting in a taxi or walking down the street don’t constitute a valid reason.

Legal Searches – It must be at a checkpoint with lights and signs with a ranking officer in attendance. Two or three random cops at the side of the road is not sufficient. During searches both parties should be polite.

Urine Test – These must ALL be carried out at the police station. No peeing in cups at the side of the road.

Phones – Mobiles can be seized during a search by officers who have reason to believe it contains evidence. After the search it must be handed back.

Passports – a laminated copy is acceptable, provided it shows BOTH the identification page and the visa page or entry stamp.

Police Stop Search Bangkok

Image via Twitter user @AmyAlexSmith

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