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Don't mention prostitution in Thailand says Prayut


Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha urged all parties concerned to help solve prostitution problem so that Thailand will not be seen as a sex destination by foreign tourists.

While admitting Thailand’s tainted image as being a sex haven has been with us for a long time, he said that there are still many people who make their living serving as sex workers.

Nevertheless, the prime minister suggested that Thai people should not prolong the talk on this issue which would only serve to cast the country in a bad light. Instead, he said authorities responsible for prostitution problem must strictly enforce the law and, at the same time, all parties concerned, especially those in the tourism sector must try to change the image of Pattaya into a destination of quality tourism and not as a sex destination.

The prime minister noted that poverty was not the only factor which drove women into sex trade. “Some people love expensive goods, but they don’t have the money, so they resorted to the easy means to earn quick money,” he said.

Earlier, Gambian tourism minister Hamal Bah was quoted to have said that if western tourists wanted to go to Gambia for sex, they should better go to Thailand which is the sex destination.



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